Snow 2001 1-03-02
Status: Release/Final
Media Format: Video (DivX, ADPCM)
Downloads: 44

Living in southern Virginia your whole life, it comes naturally to love the infrequent snows; there's only one or two good ones a year. I get totally excited every time the forecast is wintery precipication. But once, this excitement, coupled with the excitement of my new TV Card, was so great that I just had to get the snow on tape. I, of course, imported the video to the computer to make it worthwhile (where the TV Card came in handy). I had the perfect music track all lined up (Darkhalo's "Reason No Ten-Nen Sui") and edited the video in sequence to it. This is the result. By the way, the zooming in and out of the video was an attempt to keep the file size down. I don't know if it helped much.

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