Dark 8-19-06
Status: Beta/Abandoned
Language: Visual Basic .NET
Platform: Win2000/XP
Downloads: 163

This is a 3D sound demonstration app that was originally a DirectX 9 SDK sample. However, all Microsoft's example did was open one sound and spin it around the listener. I added the abiltiy to have multiple sounds placed anywhere in a 2D soundscape. It also allows the user to move the listener around in the soundscape as they would a video game. My greatest ambition for this program was to make it a sound engine for a video game set completely in the dark (hence the name), except for a scanner remniscent of the one from Aliens. However, that's far off from what I have now. For the final version, I just want to have ogg/mp3 file support and a DirectX effects editor for every loaded sound.

The source and some starter sounds are included in this release. The program is probably good for testing surround sound speakers, as well.

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