Dungeon Crawler II 1-17-07
Status: Beta/Work-in-Progress
Language: TI-Basic
Platform: TI-83/84
Downloads: 294

Dungeon Crawler II is the technical successor to Dave Marsh's "Diablo 83: Dungeon Crawl", being that it was built off of the same code and rules. However, it is to be a complete overhaul of the game that will add even more RPG elements to a mere TI calculator game.

What's complete so far in this beta version:
-Grid maps (with 10 different floors)
-Enemy/chest graphics
-Randomized enemy/chest placement
-New XP system
-Rearranged keys
-Partially reworked menus/screens

What's not complete:
-Mage class
-Enemy Mages
-New Weapons/Treasure
-New Combat System

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