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API Guide (allapi.mentalis.org/agnet/apiguide.shtml)
Status: OK
Hits: 809
A site devoted to programming with the Windows API in Visual Basic 6 (and some .Net).

Free VB Code (www.freevbcode.com)
Status: MOVED
Hits: 1146
Tons of Visual Basic code samples, modules, and full-blown programs for a variety of purposes.

MSDN Library (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/default.aspx)
Status: OK
Hits: 669
Microsoft's vast library of documentation for Windows, Visual Studio languages, Web Development, and more.

Regex Buddy (www.regexbuddy.com)
Status: MOVED
Hits: 769
An insanely useful app for creating and testing Regular Expressions in most languages.

TI Calc.org (www.ticalc.org)
Status: MOVED
Hits: 1384
The biggest source of programming documentation and program downloads for all TI calculators.

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