This section contains applications, libraries, demos, and code that I’ve done over the years.  And it’s all free.

RoN Script Maker is a tool for use with Rise of Nations that simplifies the creation of scripts for Quick Battles or Multiplayer.
The .Net Config File Library is a wrapper for the Windows initialization (INI) file functions that simplifies and expands upon their existing functionality.
Cursor Lock is a utility program that confines the mouse cursor to a selected area on the screen, which is primarily used to fix video games on multiple monitor systems.
This is a WordPress plugin that displays Steam player gaming statistics in a widget. It uses templates and caching for increased flexibility, stability, and performance.
File Lister is an advanced-user tool for making lists of files that can be worked with in other applications, such as file comparators or batch commands.
Snake's Alarm is a quality PC-based alarm solution. It focuses on reliability, ease-of-use, and useful features so that the user is always alerted in the appropriate manner of their choosing and with minimal hassles.
Dungeon Crawler II is perhaps as advanced an RPG as one can create given the constraints of a TI-83 graphing calculator.
A very simple app that can calculate how long an amount of data will take to transfer over a given medium.
Allows you to select two or more of your Rise of Nations mods and merge them together.
Bitwise Operations is a little app I created to assist with calculating the necessary bitwise operation for an algorithm.