Dungeon Crawler II


Dungeon Crawler II is the technical successor to Dave Marsh’s Diablo 83: Dungeon Crawl, being that it was built off of the same code and rules. However, it is / was to be a complete overhaul of the game that would add even more RPG elements to a mere TI calculator game.

I worked on this between classes during my Senior year of college, but then I graduated and never got around to adding everything I wanted.  The beta is still technically playable, though, just not well polished or balanced.


  • Grid maps (with 10 different floors)
  • Enemy/chest graphics
  • Randomized enemy/chest placement
  • New XP system
  • Rearranged keys
  • Partially reworked menus/screens




Dungeon Crawler II

10 kB - RAR


Copy all the files in the archive (minus the text files) to your calculator’s RAM. You’ll need about 18KB free to play; archive some old games if you get out of memory errors. You can do this from the memory management screen by hitting enter when an item is selected.



These are some features that I’d always planned to add but never got around to.  Maybe some enterprising, bored student will pick up where I left off…

  • Mage class
  • Spells
  • Skills
  • Enemy Mages
  • New Weapons/Treasure
  • New Combat System
  • Strings
  • Help

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