Game Mods

This section is for video game modifications of all types: scenarios, maps, art mods, gameplay mods, etc.

Various mods for Borderlands 2 that you can mix-n-match to suite your tastes.
A made-from-scratch map script for Civilization V. In it, each civilization and city-state is isolated in a small, fertile area only big enough for one major city. Between them is nothing but wasteland.
A Company of Heroes map based on a Red Orchestra map
This is a map for Company of Heroes of a fictional skirmish set during the Battle of Hurtgen Forest that occurred during November and December 1944.
This is a selection of modification I've done for Diablo 2 1.12 (and now 1.13). They're mostly small gameplay tweaks or fixes that you can mix and match as you see fit.
This a port of the G-Man from Half-Life 2 for use with Half-Life: Source. If you want to get technical, the materials and geometry are from HL2, while the skeleton and animations are from HL:S.
This AOE3 mod allows you to train Chinese units individually as with the other civilizations.
In a nutshell, this gives all European civs access to the Gatling Gun unit without needing to revolt. True to the mod's name, this version of the mod features a universal installer, so everyone can use it!
Snipers is a scenario for Starcraft: Brood War where you control two special operations mercenaries (ghosts) through a series of covert missions. Also includes a coop version for play with a friend.
This mod makes the gangs in Grand Theft Auto 3 less troublesome by limiting them to only melee weapons.
This makes ranged shock damage spells in Elder Scrolls Oblivion travel at lightning speed. I made this mod because I thought it sucked that the shock spells looked more like a sneeze than a lightning bolt.