Website Fonts Finder 1-25-06
Status: Release/Final
Language: Visual Basic .NET
Platform: Win9x, WinNT, Win2000/XP
Downloads: 65

This one started out as another VB6 app, but after completing 25%, I converted it to VB.NET. From what I remember, I switched cause I wanted to optimize my string reading speed. Eventually, I had just continued to work out the program in .NET. So, you could say this is my learning app, but it's still quite functional. This is the first time I've used regular expressions, buffered reads, XP-themed controls, and threads, as well.

What this app does is reads local HTML (or HTML-encapsulating) files according to their file extensions and searches through them using regular expressions to find instances of fonts. It will find HTML, CSS, and script coded fonts. When it finds a font, it adds it to three different displays. The first is a list of all the fonts, their font filenames (if found), and the number of instances of that font found. The second is a tree list of fonts and the pages that use them. The third is a tree list of pages and the fonts that they use. These all have context menus with special functions like opening files and previewing fonts. You can also tweak some options like the regular expressions to use, but they've been tested extensively and should work well. The program will find an estimated 99% of the fonts and will match a non-font about 1 in 15,000 font matches (with default settings and dependent ...

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