NNN 5 2-21-03
Status: Release/Final
Media Format: Video (DivX, MP3)
Downloads: 52

In my senior year of high school, I had set a goal to take over the school's video news program and make it not suck. People rightfully stepped aside as I owned the project. This first episode of the second semester of that year was almost completely edited by me. I had even managed to slip in an NIN track called "Burn" for the intro sequence. This part took an especially long time to do since the school only had an iMac for video editing (god damn you, Macs, with your single mouse buttons!). The actual news portion is pretty bland, but the "entertainment special" is rather funny. It features the poetic stylings of the oft-mentioned Gandalf the Cock. The credit music was not my idea. When I was getting close to completing this episode, people started weighing in with their two cents and coerced me into using "black music". I'm not being particularly racist here, as all the black people did indeed want it. However, as a whole, I'd accomplished my goal of making NNN not suck.

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