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High Definition Texture Project (offtopicproductions.com/hdtp/)
Status: OK
Hits: 624
An attempt to make DX a bit more visually appealing by giving it high-res textures.

New Vision (http://www.moddb.com/mods/deus-ex-new-vision)
Status: MOVED
Hits: 679
A complete and finished texture overhaul for DX.

Shifter Mod (sites.google.com/site/yukichigai/shifter)
Status: OK
Hits: 1334
A spectacular mod for Deus Ex that fixes a majority of the lingering gameplay bugs and adds other goodies.

The Nameless Mod (www.thenamelessmod.com)
Status: OK
Hits: 651
Expansive mod for Deus Ex offering nearly as much gameplay

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