RoN Script Maker

Rise of Nations
Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista/7

RoN Script Maker is a modding tool for use with Rise of Nations that edits scripts in an intuitive interface. Scripts created by this program can then be used in Quick Battles and Multiplayer games.


  • Support for Rise of Nations (vanilla), Thrones and Patriots, and Extended Edition
  • Disabling of any unit, building, or technology
  • Researching of any unit, building, or technology at game start
  • Editing of unit and building stats like health, attack, and speed
  • Changing various game options like plunder and attrition
  • Interchangeable script snippets (“scrippets”) that add new gameplay elements such as smashing units with tanks, generals that heal nearby units, and capturing artillery
  • Game paths can be found automatically or set manually.
  • Scripts can be saved, loaded, and organized in various ways.
  • Option to run RoN on exit




RoN Script Maker 2.0

234 kB - EXE


RoN Script Maker 1.0

4 MB - EXE

Also available from RoN Heaven


The script maker comes packaged in an installer for your convenience.  If you have a version prior to 2.0 installed, you may install 2.0 into the same directory and it will be able to load any scripts created by previous versions.


23 Responses to RoN Script Maker

  1. keraxik NLD says:

    Friend, two questions.

    Can i edit some of the units in a mod im using for the extended edition?
    why when i open the program, the option to choose extended edition is disabled (grey, can not click on it).

    thank you.

    • Snake USA says:

      Well, to your first question, if you’re creating a mod and not just a scenario, you probably want to mod the XML files and not use script (the XML would let you control more anyways). There’s official documentation on how to create a proper mod that you can google.

      And secondly, the option to use Extended Edition mode depends on whether or not the script maker can find your EE directory. If it’s not finding the path via the registry, you can manually set the path in the config file or the menu option “Setup Game Paths”.

  2. Brehn USA says:

    I understand how to make the scripts and use them in quick battle, but how do I get it to run on a scenario? Am I missing a line of code at the beginning to trigger the script on scenario load or is there something else I need to do? Thanks for your hard work.

  3. Ethan USA says:

    I’m not able to find any valid Setup Game Path for the setup of either script makers. What should I rename my exe file to get the program to recognize my game?

  4. Xgribbelfix DEU says:

    Hey, i got a problem with the path for the Extended Edition. It says that the path chosen is not valid. I tried reinstalling everything, made sure i got MSCOMCTL.OCX, STDOLE2.TLB and msxml4.dll, editing the paths in the .ini directly but nothing seems to work. I used the progrom before, but i think it was the 2.0.0 version and it worked.

  5. No information given USA says:

    I had my game path on rise of nations but it says not valid do you know a valid game path

  6. John USA says:

    On RoN, is there any way to disable techs ,buildings, or units for only one nation?

    • Snake USA says:

      There is a way to do that in the script, but the feature is not in the Script Maker because it isn’t fair. IIRC in RoN’s scripting most things are disabled per player. So it should be possible to loop through all players and within that loop check if a player matches a certain condition (their player number, whether or not they’re human or AI, their nation) and disable techs, buildings, or units if the condition matches.

  7. Tom USA says:

    I changed the paths in the ini file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Rise of Nations where the executable is located and the error log gives me “1.0.47F: Retail version of Rise of Nations not installed! Please install before using this program.” I also get a run-time error ‘429’: ActiveX component can’t create object dialog message and clicking okay closes the app.Thanks for the quick response.

    • Tom USA says:

      Also, I don’t know if it will help but the executables in the original game are rise and thrones.exe while the executables for the Extended Edition are named rise and patriots.exe.

    • Snake USA says:

      RoN Script Maker also requires the following libraries. If any are missing, they would give an error such as that. These should be installed with the full version installer, though. But just in case they weren’t, you can find copies for download online. The files go in your Windows system directory usually. For 64-bit Windows 7, it’s “C:\Windows\SysWOW64”.

      MSCOMCTL.OCX (most likely culprit)

  8. Tom USA says:

    Please update it so it will recognize Rise of Nations Extended Edition. It crashes on startup for the re-release.

    • Snake USA says:

      Yes, I figured there might be problems with the new release of RoN. However, I have no interest in buying it right now. But if someone else wants to gift it to my Steam account, I will make sure to add support for the new version of RoN (and Windows 7 if necessary).

    • Snake USA says:

      Actually, you might try manually setting the RoN path using ronscript.ini. Instructions are in the FAQ.

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