Snake’s Alarm

Windows 2000/XP, Windows 9x

Snake’s Alarm is a quality PC-based alarm solution. It focuses on reliability, ease-of-use, and useful features so that the user is always alerted in the appropriate manner of their choosing and with minimal hassles.


  • Multiple alarms that are easy to add, change, or delete
  • 9 alarm date types ensure that you’ll quickly be able to set alarms to match your schedule
  • Big button text on the alarm dialog helps the sleepy-eyed and visually-impaired in the mornings
  • Customizable action list lets you predefined what happens when alarms go off
  • Choose from 4 different action types, such as playing a sound, showing a message box, or running a command
  • Sound actions can play any number of sound formats (WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, etc) courtesy of the included FMOD library
  • Program interacts with system standby to either prevent it or wake the computer up when there’s an active alarm
  • Intelligent, threaded time monitor manages its own polling rate and process priority to keep system usage down (especially when minimized to tray)
  • Many options to suit the user’s needs and personal preferences




Snake's Alarm

490 kB - RAR


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