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Diablo 2

This is a selection of modifications I’ve done for Diablo 2. They’re mostly small gameplay tweaks or fixes that you can mix and match with each other or mods from other authors as you see fit.

All mods require the Lord of Destruction expansion and at least version 1.12.  Some mods may have different requirements, though, so check the included readme files for more information.

Mods on this Page

  1. Demon Hunter Class
  2. Consistent Leveling
  3. 10 x 10 Stash
  4. Balanced Better Drops
  5. Fixed Font
  6. Easy Socketing and Respec
  7. No Intro
  8. No Equipment Loss on Death

Demon Hunter Class Mod

This mod modifies the Amazon class to be more like the Demon Hunter from Diablo 3. This is mainly done by replacing the useless spear and javelin skills with all new skills. Many of these new skills are based on Assassin trap skills, so you could say that this is a merging of the two classes.

New Skills

  • Caltrops (1) — tosses a cluster of spikes to slow pursuers
  • Smoke Screen (6) — creates a cloud of smoke to cover your escape
  • Shock Turret (6) — constructs a turret that fires lightning bolts at nearby enemies
  • Poison Shuriken (12) — throws a poisoned ninja star that hits every enemy in its path
  • Engineering (12) — increases the number of shots that each turret takes
  • Grenades (18) — tosses a cluster of grenades that do fire damage in a small area
  • Fire Turret (18) — constructs a turret that fires exploding arrows at nearby enemies
  • Perimeter (24) — creates a magical barrier that enemies cannot cross
  • Mine (30) — drops a mine at your feet that does massive damage in a large area when triggered
  • Strafe Turret (30) — constructs a rapid-fire turret that shoots regular arrows at nearby enemies

Other Changes

  • Amazon bows add points to any of the three skill trees now instead of only the bow and crossbow tree
  • Amazon starting weapon is changed to a short bow and quiver instead of a javelin and shield

Demon Hunter Class Mod

442 kB - RAR

Consistent Leveling Mod

Improves game pacing by making characters level more consistently instead of progressively slower

This mod changes the amount of experience needed to reach levels 4 through 30 such that the frequency of leveling is more consistent. This change fixes the default leveling system where players level up very quickly early on (gaining 16 levels in Act 1) and hardly ever in the late game (gaining three levels in Act 4). Though it’ll take longer to access higher skill tiers, I feel that this change really improves on the pacing of the game. I know I can trace back at least one of my own games going unfinished due to getting bored with the long stretches of time between leveling late in the game.

To balance the resultant difficulty differences, monster levels have been lowered by the number of levels which the player level is behind the original player level. This affects monster hitpoints, defense, attack rating, and damage; any other attributes, like resistances, are unaffected. However, during the last play-test, I didn’t notice any areas where monsters felt harder or easier than in previous plays without the mod.

Here are a few statistics to give you a rough idea of the changes to the leveling system.

  • Levels 10-12 have the monsters with the most reduced difficulty (74% of original values)
  • Level 15 is the level farthest behind the original levels at -3.31 levels behind
  • Level 20 is the level with the greatest difference in XP needed for the next level compared to the original XP (i.e. the point you will level slowest comparatively)
  • Level 25 is the level where the modded leveling system is gaining levels faster than the original system
  • Level 29 is the level with the greatest negative difference in XP needed for next level compared to the original XP (i.e. the point you will level fastest comparatively)

Consistent Leveling Mod

53 kB - RAR

10 x 10 Stash Mod

Doubles the amount of storage space in the stash

Diablo 2 10x10 Stash ModThis simple modification increases the stash inventory space from 6×8 (48 spaces) to 10×10 (100 spaces).

Note that any items in a character’s stash before applying this mod will still be intact afterwards.


10x10 Stash Mod

38 kB - RAR

Balanced Better Drops Mod

Improves chances of getting Unique and Set Items from monster drops and gambling

This mod gives the player better chances to find unique and set items. I was quite disappointed to only find two set items in the whole game and the only uniques dropped by Baal at the very end. This mod should be a balanced way to give the casual player a decent chance at some quality items.

Also, gambling has a much improved chance for set and unique items. The mod also allows all class-specific items to appear when gambling.

The general breakdown for drop improvements are as follows:

  • 110% Better Chance for Unique Items
  • 35% Better Chance for Set Items
  • 10% Better Chance for Rare Items
  • 0% Better Chance for Magic Items
  • 16% Better Chance for High-Quality (e.g. superior, socketed) Items
  • 100% Better Chance for Normal (non-junk) Items

Also, lower level monsters have a better chance to drop higher quality or higher level items now.

Gambling breakdown:

  • 79% Chance of Magic Item (was 89.85%)
  • 15% Chance of Rare Item (was 10%)
  • 4% Chance of Set Item (was 0.1%)
  • 2% Chance of Unique Item (was 0.05%)

Note that because certain item types don’t have a unique or set item available (either by design or it’s already been dropped), the perceived chances for unique and set items may be lower.

And finally, skulls have just as good a chance to drop as other gems now.


Balanced Better Drops Mod

55 kB - RAR

Fixed Font Mod

Fixes the 5 looking like a 6 in one of the game’s fonts

Fixed Font ModThis mod merely fixes the game’s 16pt font (used on tooltip descriptions mostly) so that 5’s don’t look so much like 6’s.


Fixed Font Mod

9 kB - RAR

Easy Socketing and Respec

This mod makes it much simpler to manage socketed items or respec your character.

Adding and removing sockets employs existing Horadric Cube recipes but with more common ingredients. Items with existing sockets can be rerolled with the add socket recipe as many times as desired, but the number of sockets can not exceed the item’s limit and any existing socketed gems will be destroyed in the process (prevents a crash condition). In the below recipes, any mention of gems should be understood to mean any combination of either gems, runes, or jewels.

  • Add 1-3 sockets to an item (weapons, shields, helms, armor): item + three gems + one identify scroll
  • Remove gems from an item (destroys gems, preserves item): socketed item + one town portal scroll
  • Extract gems from an item (preserves gems and item): socketed item + one (sacrificial) gem + one town portal scroll

Respecing a character will reset all the stat and skill point allocations. To respec, purchase the “Token of Absolution” from Akara in Act I and then use it.


Easy Socketing and Respec

10 kB - 7Z

No Intro Mod

Replaces the intro videos with short, blank ones that don’t waste your time


No Intro Mod

1 kB - RAR

No Equipment Loss on Death Mod

This mod removes the endlessly frustrating death penalty where your equipment is put on your corpse, often forcing you to have to retrieve it in the midst of a swarm of tough monsters. Gold and XP penalties still apply.


No Equipment Loss on Death Mod (1.13d)

436 kB - RAR


No Equipment Loss on Death Mod (1.14d)

1 MB - RAR


186 Responses to Diablo 2 Mods

  1. Anyone know of a mod compatible with 1.14D that allows to fight the ubers and pandemonium?

    Pluggy is the Phrozen keep mods that allow this are not compatible with 1.14D.


  2. We absolutely love your mods! I’ve been playing Diablo 2 for over 10 years and my nephews are now old enough that we play on LAN with my brother as well. Your tweaks and adjustments in my brother and my opinion balances the Game a lot more and overall makes it much more enjoyable. One thing that we all agree on is that the rune drop rate is horrendous still, is there a way to increase the number of runes that drop randomly from mobs using or even editing any of your current mods or can you recommend one that is compatible with your Pack and version 1.14D if neither of those are options can you write one or send me a quick run down of how I could write my own rune drop increase mod? Please and thanks! You rock!

    • Snake USA says:

      Thanks for the comment. Glad you guys are enjoying the mods.

      Basically, to increase rune drop rates, you’ll open the TreasureClassEx.txt file from my drops mod in Excel. And then anywhere you see “Runes #” under the columns “Item#”, you’ll increase the number under the corresponding “Prob#” column. Generally, if you want to say make it 2X runes, you’d just multiply the number by 2. But technically, each probability is a fraction of the sum of all the probabilities for a treasure class.

      • You’re very welcome, I hope it makes you proud to see your work is still thoroughly being enjoyed and even outlasted myspace. :D. I read through the other comments and saw you were sick, we as a family of gamers who all use your mods sincerely hope you are doing well.

        Also thank you for the reply, I’m sure other “lurkers” or new users (who are intelligent enough to read the comments) will also appreciate your instruction there on how to further tweak the mods.

        • Follow up question now looking through this – I notice there are 3 notepad files that seem to be “nearly” identical to treasureclass also ending with .txt (and the others have a 112 and 113 after the ex) do I have to change all figures in all 3 of these files, or is it safe to delete the others?

          Also if I lower the other items drop chances for that treasure class, wouldn’t that effectively raise the chances of rune drops as well (if I don’t lower rune numbers), or does that just reduce the likelihood that just that treasure class item will be selected from the monster drop calculations and will be replaced by another treasure class?

          (so where it says for example “runes 12 1519” – I would double that number?)
          or is that 1 out of 1519 drops will be that?)

          “Runes 12 1519”

          or is the section below the numbers I would increase

          “r11 3 r12 2”

          to effectively double the likelihood of those two particular runes dropping everytime that treasure class is picked?

  3. skekisthebest CAN says:

    Hi Snake, I’m trying to use your mod with D2SE with D2Reworked mod and plugy, but I’m not sure if I can add the -direct -txt to the launcher. I swapped out the D2Reworked treasureclass.txt with yours, and it has helped a lot!
    How would I edit the drop rate for uniques and charms even further?
    Is there any way to add a drop rate for perfect gems?


  4. Hek USA says:

    Bless you, the balanced SP drops and font fix are perfect. Been looking for the right thing for a while~

  5. Philippe CHL says:

    Gracias desde Chile!! (Thank you from Chile!) All work perfect. Really needed that n°5 ajaja

  6. Ziadi IDN says:

    Sorry to bothering you with this dump ask, but how to install this mod?

  7. alienadoss BRA says:

    Can you remove the text box from in the game? (Command “!” before the text)

    Example: When you type in the game: !Hello
    And the text appears on top of the character.

    Parece que essa função se encontra no arquivo d2game.dll.

  8. Artorias PHL says:

    Is it normal to lose 3 levels when I die after installing the Balanced Leveling Mod and No Item Loss Mod?

    • Snake USA says:

      Obviously, that is not an intended feature of the mods. First, I would make sure you’re using version 1.13d of Diablo (not 1.14). Second, remove one of the mods (no item loss recommended) and see what happens when you next die. Also, what level were you when this occurred?

      • Artorias PHL says:

        I use v1.13d. I fixed it by removing the No Equipment Loss Mod. I don’t know what caused it, though. It happened around level 24. Maybe, it’s because I’m using an unofficial Plugy v11.00. 😛 Still, thanks for the mods man! Great work!

  9. Kyler USA says:

    i figured out how to use the mod on the new version (1.14) instead of replacing the file with the mod file, just put it in there with the rest.

  10. ergusto GBR says:

    Hey Snake. Awesome work with these mods. Will they work on OS X? I’m using the new 1.14 patch on El Capitan so I understand only the mods that work with that patch are likely to work.

    • Snake USA says:

      I looked into the mod compatibility on Mac question a little bit, and I think most likely my mods will not work for you as is. If you want, I can try giving you the compiled “bin” files if you could report back on whether or not they worked.

      Otherwise, you might just try playing D2 with a Windows emulator. It sounds like most Mac players use them for D2 anyways.

  11. Thierry Nguyen VNM says:

    Hi Snake.
    I love your 10 x 10 Stash Mod and it work when i play single. How to apply your mod into PvPGn server with D2GS 1.13c?
    Help me please!

  12. Kup9 RUS says:

    hi snake. i got this 1.13d serv. its sort of pvp server so i really nned that “no eq loss” thing to work. can u help me make it work on 1.13d ?

    • Snake USA says:

      if you’re talking about battle.net servers, then the mod will never work there. it will only work on LAN or IP games. i do intend to update the mod to 1.13d eventually; however, it’s a very difficult mod to make, so it might be a while.

  13. Emil DNK says:

    I confirm that the bigger stash and fixed font mods work for 1.14. Unfortunately, the better stash mod, PlugY, does not work for 1.14 as far as I can tell. There is no reason players should not have infinite inventory space with local characters. There is a reason why for BNET characters because Blizzard has to store the characters and infinite space, would perhaps cause the servers to run out of space. There is no such problem for local characters.

    Perhaps you could fix the PlugY code? It’s open source.


  14. Zakarum HUN says:

    D2GS – Diablo 2 Gameserver. I used these in my Mod, but it’s not working. I have 10×10 stash, i can use 8×6 from that in real. :)

  15. Zakarum HUN says:

    Hi Snake! I used yours and other extended stash mod, but it’s not working if i upload to my GS. Do you know what is the problem. I can see the slots but i cant use them. Thanks a lot If you help me :)

    • Snake USA says:


      The stash mod has two components. One is the graphic that shows the stash in all its 10 by 10 glory. The other part actually defines how big the stash is for the game. It sounds like you’re having trouble with the latter. Make sure you’re following the install instructions precisely, especially the part where you make a special mod shortcut. And also, it should go without saying, but don’t use two stash mods at the same time.

  16. Eugene RUS says:

    Thanks for the mods, but there is one big problem described on April 1, 2015 in the Older Comments and still unsolved. I have installed Demon Hunter + Better Drops + Easy Unsocket + 10×10 Stash mods and also noticed that Act II Mercenaries never turn on their auras. I tried all three types: Combat, Defensive, Offensive in different situations, removed their gear and put again, gave them potions, sold one and hired others, but nothing helped. With this serious bug your Demon Hunter mod is unplayable for me from Act II, and it’s a pity, because the idea is good. Do you have any plans to fix it?

    • Snake USA says:

      Yes, I’m aware that this is still a bug with the Demon Hunter mod. Is it game-breaking? Eh, I’ll leave that for players to decide.

      Certainly, I’d like to fix the bug, but I don’t know its exact cause. I already checked to see if there were any errant changes in the mod that could have caused the bug, but there were none. I have a feeling it’s to do with some aura-type effects that are used on the DH turrets. But as far as I know, I modded the auras correctly, so it’ll probably take a ton of trial-and-error to fix, if it even can be.

      However, given that I now have a chronic illness that severely limits the amount of time I can spend on projects, and that these mods are provided at no cost, it will be difficult for me to allocate time for fixing said bug. My apologies.

  17. jeff USA says:

    how can I edit the drop mod to increase the chances? possible to edit the exp mod too?

    • Snake USA says:

      Thanks for the info on the new patch! I will update my mods as soon as I can.

      Based on the patch notes, it sounds like most of the mods will work fine with the latest version. Obviously, the DLL mod for keeping inventory on death will need to be updated, though.

  18. Kup9 RUS says:

    sup man
    i’m interested in “No Equipment Loss on Death Mod”
    i got this 1.13d serv and i really need to somehow make it work on 1.13d. can u help ?

  19. Ed THA says:

    Hey Snake,

    Just wanted to say thanks for making these man, they’re great! They are just the tweaks I wanted for a bit of good old nostalgic D2.



  20. Julien Bonnet FRA says:

    Hello, i would like to make both Plugy and your drop mod work together. SHould i run the game with the Plugy modified game laucher (adding the -text thing to it) ? THank you

  21. Malerok USA says:

    Heya Snake I Did Everything That The Readme Files Said and mine doesnt work either im running version LOD 1.13 and have added -direct -txt to the shortcut, anything else im missing?

  22. Keith USA says:

    Tried using the respec recipe but it wont transmute. The unsocket transmute works but cant seem to get the respec one to. What am I doing wrong? using 1-Scroll of Town Portal + 1- Scroll of Identify. (Messed up on my skills and need to re-allot.) any advice would be great!

  23. Tripforce USA says:

    Hi Snake, nice mods! Can you tell me where the character data is saved when using the renamed shortcut? For some reason my characters have different equipped gear and levels when using the regular shortcut.

    • Snake USA says:

      My understanding has always been that the modded and unmodded characters are all saved in the same location, which is the “save” directory in the Diablo II directory.

  24. thedigi321 USA says:

    Hey snake i have a Diablo 2, your mods installed and a shortcut to my diablo 2.exe with the -direct -txt at the end but they didn’t seem to work, like the 10×10 stash is still showing a 4×6 area i am on the 1.13d version and i really want to get the mods

    • Snake USA says:

      I dunno what to tell you other than I know it works for 1.13d so you must have extracted the files wrong. For example the TradeStash file should be at Diablo II\data\global\ui\panel\TradeStash.dc6.

      • thedigi321 USA says:

        how can i tell if i have the LOD expansion? i have the original game (version 1.0) which i upgraded to 1.13 but i think because i dont have the expansion of lord of destruction then the mods are not working(could that be a possibly) if so is there a way to get the expansion pack?

        • Snake USA says:

          If you have LOD, it tells you clearly on the title screen. If not, you can’t use these mods. Go buy it, it’s worth it.

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