Delta Force, Threewave, and int.

Most of the week, I’ve been working on a Delta Force 3 (or Land Warrior…or whatever) campaign. Not only did I make the traditional SP/COOP missions complete with objectives and hordes of enemies, but also, there are individual waypoints for every enemy AI group, sounds (ambient and radio), hoards of triggers (explosions, vehicles, etc), and most awesomely I made my own terrain. It’s a wonderful, intense 30mins of gaming, but still in beta. So, try it out and make sure to read the readme.

Download GiS 0.4

In between Delta Force, i’ve been getting down with some Threewave. I must say that a few days ago, I played the best game of Quake3 ever with the help of 3W and a little self-modding. I put Smartbomb by BT in place of one of the music files in pak0 and woah. That song is made to frag to. Here’s some screenage of the mad quaking I did.

And int.

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