Columns System

I know I’ve been saying I’d get on this after I finished the Content system, but Oblivion modding, playing other games, and random girls slowed me down. But a few days ago, I finally got a spec written down for how I wanted the Columns system to work. The last couple of days, I’ve been adding academic papers to the system and tweaking it up a bit. It’s basically just the Content system with some modifications to data display. These include brief and detailed views (only detailed done now), getting the page modification date from the page itself (and then putting it back into the database for sorting purposes), sorting by different fields (Title, Date Created, Date Modified, and Views), getting the views with a special script on every page that puts hits into the database, displaying more items on a page, displaying the Column logo if it exists, and other small fixes.

So, the links to the Columns system have been added to the nav frame already and it should be working henceforth unless I’m making some additions to it and PHP gives an error. I’m gonna be slowly adding the columns back in; I’ve already got most of the academic papers added. But I may leave out some of the less useful columns. I’ve been contemplating what to do with all the stuff that gets left out from the front of the site. I think it will involve its own system (derived from the other two) which is basically just a page of links with little blurbs about what the page was, when it was created, and when it was in use until. That’ll probably be the easiest way. But I doubt I get beyond adding columns and the last few files to the systems I already have. Anyways, enjoy the stuff.

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