Lexmark Printer Software Leaking Memory

I’ve got a Lexmark X4650 wireless printer/scanner and as such, I’ve naturally installed the software provided by Lexmark which includes drivers and their Lexmark Productivity Studio. However, I’ve noticed ever since I got this printer that one of the processes (lxdxcoms.exe) for the associated software leaks a lot of memory. I’ve seen it easily get above 250MB in just a few days. So I’ve come up with the following batch script to restart the necessary services and processes and thus get the memory usage under control without the need to restart Windows.

net stop lxdx_device
net start lxdx_device
taskkill /f /im lxdxmon.exe
start /D"%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Lexmark 3600-4600 Series" lxdxmon.exe

This script is certainly applicable to a large number of Lexmark printers, but depending on the printer you have, you may need to change the path to start the executable on line 4 of the script. Good luck.

UPDATE 7/27/13

Looks like this script is still relevant as Lexmark’s software still leaks memory even under newer versions in Windows 7.  This certainly doesn’t reflect well on Lexmark.

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