Where’d Int Go?

Oh yeh, int never goes anywhere… it’s Loogie who left. Or… I ain’t leave, I just bucked on posting for a while 😛 .

So, as Snake already explained, I got DSL. But allow me to elaborate. It’s Sprint, it’s 1536/512 (down/up).. or, in non-bit-speaking-robot-speech, 192KB/s down and 32KB/s up… and it ownz 8) . Part of the reason I haven’t posted in a while is that I’ve been collecting 1337 screenshots for this post… but I’ll just use the ones I have.

In comparison to other S&L members’ Internets, this is how it goes:

Snake………. 56/33.6 Dialup
Quelog………. 640/272 DSL
Gr-Dragon………. 3000/400 Cable
Gandalf………. 56/33.6 Dialup, formerly Satellite*

*unknown speed… llama 😀

Whilst playing the networking card, I’ll mention that Snake and I just had Surge 2.7 a week ago. As his news suggests, it was lame, and we basically just watched Kazaaed movies and played NOLF/UT the whole time. However, I just bought a brand new Netgear 4-port DSL Router! And yes… this came from the fruits of my Big-T “flippin”. So, now, I got my DSL modem, router, and switch all hooked up. I wish I coulda taken a pic of this sweet networking stack, but I ain’t got a DCam, and Snake’s dad is a bastard. Excluding used ports, we now have 10 available ports for Surges… w/ that extra appeal of being able to use broadband Internet too 8) … so, SOMEONE ELSE JOIN SURGE, DAMNIT!!!

In other news… I reviewed the NOLF2 “teaser” demo… check it out in the topframe ticker.

Patches That Suck: Dungeon Siege 1.1, Morpheus 2.0, and Java VM 2.0. The first two only suck in the fact that they don’t fix their main flaws (DS still fucks up EAX, and Morpheus still DLs very poorly), but Java 2.0 is plain evil. It installs itself w/ Morph 2.0… and what it is is a background app that opens in the systray every time u open a site in IE w/ java applets… it’s annoying, and even makes applets look worse. So, my tip to u who have this: uninstall it… the program, and the “Web Start”.

Innovations That Own: Windows XP ClearType Tuning, AIM+, and ViPlay.
At MicroSoft‘s site, u can “tune” ClearType (the WinXP font smoothing technology) so it’s darker than what XP options allows u to make it. ClearType is designed for LCDs, so on a CRT monitor, it’s defaultly light and blurry… not anymore :) . Next: Aim+ is a boom AIM enhancer by Big-O Software. It allows u to make windows transparent (only for XP users, of course 😛 ), clone AIM to sign on to as many SNs u want at the same time, and, best of all, log all convos into an accessible database. Since this is a bit hard to find online, I’ve made it available from S–: here. Finally: ViPlay is an app that one of our staff members found. Who, u ask? I wonder… uhh…

gand says:
yes, through sheer dumb luck, I discovered the best divx player i’ve ever seen.

Oh, int. Yeh, u can adjust the aspect ratio, change the speed/pitch of movies, make bookmarks at certain parts, and a slew of many more very useful features. It also plays back DivX movies (and keeps the audio/video streams more in-sync) better than WMP. Since this is also hard to find, u can get it from S–: here.

So, there u go… Loogie’s news… look out for my next post next Spring 😛 .

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