Been awhile….

Seems that its been quite awhile since I’ve made a news post!

I’ve been having problems with Bastards lately.. such as with that Bastard game Medal of Honor. Don’t get me wrong.. its a great game. But it took me, like, days to get a site with good bandwidth for download (like, above 3k/s,) and even then i accidentally got the Multiplayer one instead of the Single Player one. So after i finally got the SP version, the goddamn thing crashed on startup every time. So i reinstalled it, and it was loading… sorta. It still crashed most of the time during loads, and kept on doing this thing where it didn’t let you use mouseaim because it kept the windows mouse in the game (it was a bug, you couldn’t move the cursor or anything,) and without the mouse, you cant quit… so it was always a restart (ctrl+alt+del didn’t work with the damn thing.) I cant exactly review it if it barely runs.. but ill give it a shot. That is, as soon as i can view Thumbnails on this site. Yep, that’s where the second Bastards come from… Sectorlink, our host, is a bunch of bastards. I get this error message from them about how i cant view thumbs because S&L is stealing bandwidth…. which it isn’t. So even after i go to the horrific process of registering for their forums, i cant even post for help! No permissions! Finally, i emailed them… and they didn’t ever fucking reply!!! Just like Bastard set number three,, the site i got my GF2 from. As you may remember from a previous post, they were supposed to contact UPS about how i got ripped off for shipping cost… they replied only to tell me that was supposed to email a different address (at their same domain.) Bastards never replied.. even though i complained over and over.

Anyways, once i get this thumbnail thing worked out, ill be able to make posts with pics.. i plan on a ghet intake fan (no, not a copy of Snake‘s; mine is ghetto because it will use a fan i “liberated” from a school computer) and do those reviews im supposed to do.

And we played a clan TFC game the other night… Snake was laggin out so he quit, then i sent Gr to tell him that we were just gonna mess and not play seriously, but i had unwittingly locked him (Gr) out by activating password mode (it was an accident.. besides, its his own fault for not knowing the PW.) So me and loog hung out.. it was pretty lame, because he didn’t get any of what i was trying to do and say.

Rock on, my loyal bitches!!

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